How does my son get an invitation to try out for the VLC Lacrosse team?
VLC Lacrosse invites all highly competitive and skilled players for a chance to secure a roster spot on one of our squads. Simply fill out a Player Information Form which can be found on the Online Forms tab of our website homepage. We will keep you updated on tryout information. You can also follow us on social media @vlclax on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where details are provided.

Does my son have to attend private school to be considered?
No. VLC Lacrosse pulls athletes from various schools in the DC metro region. Our players enjoy the camaraderie of playing together on a VLC team, as well as the competition of playing against each other during the Spring season.

Where is the home facility for the VLC Blue Crabs Lacrosse Team?

Majority of our practices are at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA with some ad hoc practices at alternate sites in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties.

When are practices?

VLC practices start immediately after Labor Day and occur every Sunday with a few weekdays thrown in throughout the fall based on field availability.

Who will be coaching my son?
VLC Lacrosse coaches have years of experience coaching student athletes at all levels of lacrosse. Each team features 2 – 3 coaches. Our coaches have an outstanding reputation with college coaches in regards to being responsive when discussing players in our program. Coaching is the key to any successful club team and we feature our entire coaching staff along with their experience in the Coaches section of our website.

How much does it cost to play for the VLC Lacrosse Team?
Our players pay between $2000-2950 depending on the team. This fee includes:
Tournament Fees
Facility Rental
Practice Time
Site Insurance
Coaching Stipends
Administrative Costs

Typically about $600 of that fee goes to cover club expenses with the balance used toward tournament providers.

When are tryouts?
Early August. Player evaluations typically start in the late summer and early fall. If your son is interested in being a VLC Lacrosse player, please email James Cramp jcramp@cavlax.com. We will keep you updated on tryout information.

If my son makes a VLC Blue Crabs team does he have to play with you forever?

No. VLC Blue Crabs is a very intense Lacrosse Program and is not for everyone. If after the summer season you want to join another club team, we certainly will respect your decision. However, becoming a VLC Blue Crabs player also does not guarantee you a spot the next year. With the exception of the Senior grade, we require all players to tryout every year. VLC Blue Crabs also reserves the right to part ways with a player if it is deemed that they or their parents disrupt the well being of the team or the overall program.

Does my son need to play at the club level to get recruited for a College team?
No. College coaches work very hard to find the players that fit the needs of their programs. Playing at the club level increases your sons chances of being seen since Coaches typically attend many of the summer tournaments. To give you an idea of where our alumni play and current commitments, visit our alumni page.

What age does the VLC Lacrosse start?
We begin fielding teams at 3rd grade.

What sets the VLC Lacrosse program apart from other club teams?
VLC Lacrosse is an established program committed to coaching athletes who aspire to play at their highest level of lacrosse and to have the best exposure to top college coaches.

A few key difference from other club teams include:
A successful program with an affiliation with the Baltimore Crabs lacrosse program and its 25 year history of success.
Focusing on the lacrosse “IQ” development.
Superior coaching staff.
If your son is a talented, committed, and passionate lacrosse player with the desire to play at the Division I level, than we urge him to tryout.